Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Online DRG2SBG

Convert I-Doser DRG Files to SBG Online without downloading any program.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Very Basic I-Doser Player For Linux Released

I-Doser DRG Player for Linux has been released. It is available along with installation instructions at The _khAttAm_ Blog.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

GPL Violation by I-Doser - Still not Fixed

According to http://uazu.net/sbagen/i-doser.html , the I-Doser software had violated the GPL and paid fine for it. But the latest version 4.5 which is available since then, which can be downloaded at http://www.download.com/I-Doser/3000-2054-10396009.html is still violating GPL.

The author however, claims that the new version is not, as he is providing the source code with the application, but I have found that the included source is of the older version of SbaGEn (http://uazu.net/sbagen) DLL, which is different from the newest version, which is available in the package. The newer version, which has pause and resume capabilities, has only been provided as binary (.dll) and no source has been included.

This has been reported to http://gpl-violations.org , which requires to take appropriate actions in the future.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

_steAlth_'s DRG Author by konstAnt and _khAttAm_

_steAlth_'s DRG Author by konstAnt and _khAttAm_
Hey IDoser fans,
This is a DRG Author program that will enable you to create your own DRG files playable with IDoser. You can create doses yourself if you find the required SBG file or can write one. You will need the knowledge of different frequencies and duration of the brain-waves in order to be able to write your own sbg. The equivalent SBG of any IDoser drug will be available at IDoser Installed Folder$\temp.xqp. Modifying existing DRG files is also
available with this version of DRG Author. However, modifying DRG files from IDoser labs may be illegal. It is highly discouraged to do so in any circustances.

Steps to Create a DRG file
This program is pretty straight forward to use. The steps to create a DRG File are as follows. Please follow these steps in the order they are described:

Step 1: Image Selection
Browse for the image you want to use with your drug file. You can select any supported images. The supported images are: *.bmp *.jpg/*.jpeg .gif *.ico *.emf *.dib *.wmf *.cur You can size the images as required by checking the check boxes below the image preview and preview will be shown automatically.
You can convert the images to square shaped or enlarge small images. Large images will automatically be resized to 150x150 or equivalent i.e. 150xX or Xx150 maintaining the aspect ratio of the images. As IDoser Player has square shaped image box hence, expanded square shaped images look best with IDoser. With this version of the DRG Author, you can also choose to put no image for your DRG file. This will put a very small sized
blank BMP with your drug which will not be shown by IDoser application.

Step 2: SBG
SBG files are the files that can be played with SBaGen from which IDoser has been derived. IDoser uses a DLL s1.dll which can be found in the IDoser installed folder. That DLL is the SBG Player in IDoser. SBaGen can be downloaded from http://uazu.net/sbagen/. It also contains a wiki at http://sbagen.sf.net/ where you can learn about SBaGen and the Bi-naural Beats. We have also included the original sbagen.txt which contains all the information about the SBG files and also has a basic tutorial how you can write your own SBGs. Write your SBaGen sequence in the text field or just load it from a SBG sequence file. Note that every SBG cannot
be played by IDoser so we have included basic checks to check what runs with IDoser and what does not with the basic informations. Please refer to those in the program.

PS: Modified SBaGen source used in IDoser is now available with IDoser installer, under GPL.

Step 3: Test
You need to test your SBG before creating your DRG. Click on Test SBG button. If the test was successful you will see no dialog boxes and you can proceed with the next step. If you see any errors however, then you will need to make corrections before you continue. If you have knowledge of the structure of sbg files (refer sbagen.txt or the SBaGen wiki at http://sbagen.sf.net/ to learn), you should have no problems at all. Successful test with this program will not ensure 100% success with IDoser, so please test your final DRG with IDoser before release.

Step 4: Write Information about your Drug
Now, you need to write information about what your drug is about. This is shown by IDoser application after you open your drug file. This can include anything but cannot be empty. However, you can use blank spaces if you don't want to put in any comments.

Step 5: Internal Name
You may want to give a name to your drug. The internal name is shown nowhere in IDoser but it is included in the DRG file. So you may want to add something. This is not required however to build a DRG. You can put in your name here like "Killer Dose by _steAlth_" or such.

Step 6: Code
This is the portion that was used by IDoser v3-v4 beta to check if you have played the dose already on that computer. Now, things have changed and you can play the doses as many times as you like in a single computer.
But if this field is empty, the IDoser application does not open the file complaining that what we are trying to open is a master file. We don't know what is a master file and don't want to know that either. We know that something is required here. But even if you choose to put nothing in this field, you need not worry because our program automatically puts random codes there.

Step 7: Make DRG Size Small
You may want to make DRG sizes small for ease of distribution via Internet. The size of a Standard IDoser DRG is about 125 Kb. So we have padded junk information to give it that size. Along with that we have also converted the image to jpg (however no loss of image quality can be noticed) to make the DRG size small. Small
DRGs are about just 5-20 Kb and are created very quickly as well. Size can further be reduced by using very small images and not expanding them or making them square shaped with the "Make DRG Size Small" option ticked. They will be under 10 Kb for very small images. If you choose no images, this can further reduce
size of the DRGs and also the build time.

PS: Build time is no more a problem, in the new version. New algorithms have made build lightning quick.

Step 8: Build the DRG
Finally, you can now click "Build my DRG" and select the name and location of your DRG. After you do so, you will see a progress bar. The speed of DRG build has been highly reduced in this version 0.2.

Step 9: Final Testing
You should test your DRG file with IDoser player. To test, first load the DRG into the IDoser application and then Play it. If the DRG plays without any errors, your DRG is ready.

Modifying an Existing DRG
For beginners, you may want to start by modifying existing DRG files. You may want to change comments and/or picture or even the SBG sequence and play around. To do so, just click the "Open Existing DRG" and then select the DRG file you like. This also depends upon the size of the DRG file you are trying to open.
Then you can mess around with the picture, info or the SBG sequence and click on "Test SBG" (if you have modified the SBG) followed by "Build My DRG" to build your DRG.

The created Dose files can be played in any number of computers unlike the Original IDoser Doses, with IDoser v4.5. However, you will be able to play the doses only once in one computer with IDoser 3.x-4.0 beta.

-Don't make stupid mistakes. This program is still alpha and does not contain error handling in many cases.
-Report bugs to "khattam.khattamATTHERATEgma!lDOTcom" for the even stupidest of mistakes. This will help us make it better.
-Write suggestions to us to make the program better, add more
features etc.
-Do not change the read-only attributes of system\i_view.ini at
any time. This can lead to problems in image manipulation.
-Do not delete system folder or rename it.
-While re-distributing, do not exclude any of the portions.

About future Projects
We have started working in a project called the _steAlth_'s DRG WorkShop which is going to be released soon in the near future. Actually, we don't have enough time to complete it. However, we are doing it whenever we get free time. It will have all the features of this application the DRG Author plus more such as
Converting to wav, playing DRG files, playing SBG files are also available through the single program. Also, we are planning to release a IDoser clone for Linux.

Request to the Designers
We are looking for a Designer who can design a good looking Icon that we can include with our program "DRG WorkShop" and "DRG Author & Reconstructor". Please submit your icons to khattam.khattamATTHERATEgma!lDOTcom. Best icon will be selected and included with next release of our program.

Request to the users
Please do not use our program in any way that could harm you or
others. Please read the included licence agreement for details.
This program is at beta stage. Please report bugs and errors to
khattam.khattamATTHERATEgma!lDOTcom. Please read the included
documentations properly before reporting bugs. Also read the FAQs
which can solve most of the problems.

Download Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/44727214/DRG_Author_0.03.rar

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DRG in "_steAlth_'s DRG Author and Re-constructor"?
>>DRG is a DRuG file which can be played with IDoser application.
Technically, it is a RC4 + Base64 encoded file which contains
image, SBG and information about the DRG.

What is IDoser anyway?
>>IDoser is an application from IDoser labs which claims to emulate
the effects of certain psychedelic drugs. IDoser application can
be downloaded for free but the DRuGs cost money. You can buy a
DRuG for one computer for lifetime use, I suppose.
Technically, IDoser is derived from an open source application
called SBaGen which produces binaural beats which help in focus
and concentration etc. Its sequence file is *.sbg which is in
encrypted form in the IDoser DRuG file. You can read more about
SBaGen and code included in this program in the SBaGen folder.

Are you from IDoser labs?
>>No, we are students of engineering (now 1st year) and are fans
and critics of IDoser. We are doing this just for fun. We are in
no way related to IDoser labs.

Why are you developing these softwares?
>>Most of the binaural beats generators permit users to experiment
by varying the doses or creating their own. But IDoser did not
provide any such means to do so. So, we started studying about
the structure of DRuG files and learnt about it inside out. So,
we could modify our DRuG files, even build our own. We are
sharing this software so that you all can do that, too.

How do I install this software to the computer?
>>Just unpack with WinRAR or equivalent. Don't run without

How do I uninstall??
>>Delete the folder. It does not create any registry entries or
shortcuts, so should be no problem.

How do I create DRGs?
>>Read the Readme.txt included. You will be amazed to see how easy
it is to build DRuGs. If you find reading boring, you may just
launch the application and work your way out.

Can I sell Doses created with your software?
>>Yes you can. If you make good enough profit, you may
consider donating some to us. But make sure yo don't sell DRGs
or any part of it from IDoser or other companies.

Can I sell your software?
>>No way. You can distribute it freely however. But you cannot
charge anything for the software other than the equipment cost,
in which you want to include the software (i.e. CD\DVD etc).
See the license.txt for details.

Is your program illegal?
>>No, it has been created with a legal Visual Studio in a legal
version of Windows XP Professional SP2. It does not contain any
illegal codes or such. Codes for RC4 and Base64 decryption have
been taken from open source softwares. The source for testing
SBGs is a modified version of the source of s1.dll included in
the IDoser "Code" folder. This is under GPL and cannot be illegal
because I have included the modified source with this release.

Where can I find future versions of your software?
>>From the same place you found this one. We may also launch a
website, but later.

The program takes very long time to create and open drgs. Why is
it so?
>>This has been solved in the new version of DRG Author.

The program disappears sometimes. Is that a bug?
>>This has been solved in the new version of DRG Author.

Bug Report!! When I launch the program, it says something.ocx is
>>Please install VB Runtime files or goto dll-files.com and search
for the missing DLL and place it in the c:\windows\system32 folder.

I have found a bug and want to help you find and fix it. What do
I do?
>>If the bug arises while launching the application, please write to
me with your OS version and related information to me with the error
message or screenshots.
If the bug arises while doing something else, i.e. after launching
is complete, then tick the "Log Activities" checkbox and report
errors with included log.log created in the same folder where you
have installed the application.

How to Convert I-Doser .drg Files to SBG & then to WAV - An easy step by step tutorial by _khAttAm_

Please Find the Updated version of the tutorial at The _khAttAm_ Blog